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Library Upgrades Access to IBISWorld

  Posted on: May 14, 2024

Recently the Library upgraded its access to IBISWorld to include U.S. as well as Canadian coverage.

What is IBISWorld?

IBISWorld is a comprehensive industry-market research database which covers every US industry with a 5-digit NAICS code. All industry reports are similarly structured, regularly updated, and provide in-depth industry analysis, including statistics, SWOT analysis, forecasts and more.  For key industries, discover the major players, industry performance, product and service segmentation, competitive forces, external drivers, and key statistics.


Canada, and now the U.S.

How to use?

IBISWorld is an easy to search resource.  Type in your industry topic (e.g., “Bottled water” or “Hotels and motels”) and review the related reports. You can also browse industries by sector.  You can compare the Canadian and U.S. reports to see what is different in the two countries.  There are three different report types, including industry reports, iExpert reports, and business environment reports.

Make sure to visit each tab of the report to get a well-rounded understanding of the industry. Often a product or service can be confused with the industry itself, so if you are having difficulty finding a report, try first classifying your industry with a NAICS code.

Where to find it?

  • Visit the library webpage at
  • Click on the Databases link in the Discover Search Box
  • Enter IBISWorld into the Search Box
  • Alternatively, click on the Browse All Databases A to Z box. Then go to the letter I, to access IBISWorld


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