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New Collection! Routley World War I Aerial Photography

  Posted on: November 13, 2018

The TRU Library is proud to present the Routley World War I Photograph Collection. Percival Charles Routley, born in 1890, served as a Lieutenant in the Welsh Regiment for the British Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force during World War I from 1915-1919. He served as a pilot and photographer, flying over sensitive areas and providing the Allies intelligence about enemy artillery fortification, troop locations, and areas that were bombarded. The photos in the collection were taken during his time in the service. After serving in the war, Percy became a teacher and died in Victoria in 1976. Percy’s photos were shared to Thompson Rivers University by his grandson, Dr. Ian Routley of Lillooet, who hopes that they will provide a rich source of primary documentation for current and future students and researchers.

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